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Who is it for?

Have you ever been so exhausted you can't remember when your baby last slept or fed? Ever struggled to get your baby to nap and wondered if they are tired enough? Ever been in such a rush handing your baby over to your spouse or caregiver that you didn't have a chance to tell them when they last slept or fed?

... then BabyPi is for you! Designed specifically with busy parents and caregivers in view, you can log events in your baby's life with a single tap. This is all stored securely in our cloud and can be accessed from any number of synchronized devices. We know you're busy and so have kept the design simple and clutter free and give you a single dashboard and a single chart where you can see all this information at a glance. Once BabyPi has built up a profile of your baby's routine, it gives you very powerful feedback that will help you understand what they can't yet communicate and help you to reinforce that routine.

How does it work?

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field that is being applied to increasingly complex tasks, from recognizing faces and language to controlling self-driving cars. Many advances in this area have come through mimicking the human brain with artificial neural networks which "learn" in ways very similar to humans.

BabyPi uses such artificial neural networks to learn your baby's sleeping, feeding and diaper changing patterns and gradually becomes more accurate as it has more data to learn from. In other words, the app knows how tired your baby is in the same way that you do - by learning from their past behavior. Begin tracking your baby today and watch how BabyPi learns!

The story

When my wife and I had our third child, we thought that we had parenting sorted. But at two months old, our baby boy was back to his birth weight and we found ourselves in hospital not knowing what was wrong. Read more...

After a very stressful period of tests and sleepless nights, the third paediatrician we saw suggested that it was simply a feeding problem. Nathan had a high arch palate, and, as he grew, struggled to breastfeed or drink from a regular bottle. After getting Medela's SpecialNeeds feeder, things went much better and Nathan began to pick up weight again. I found myself during this time having to support my wife far more than with the previous two children. We were both very busy with work and we somehow had to keep on top of this and look after our boy. In one day he would often pass through both our hands and through the hands of other friends who stepped in to help. During this time we were very anxious that Nathan was getting enough food and sleep and generally growing up in good health.

I also noticed at this time that my wife's intuition about how tired or hungry he was was far better than mine. And it was then that I wondered whether I could use my long standing interest in artificial intelligence to develop an app that could also give me "a mother's intution" about how tired or hungry he was at any moment. I also thought that an easy-to-use synchronized app which both my wife and I could have on our phones could help us keep all this information in one place and allow us to quickly pass him between us in the midst of our busy schedules.

I have been surprised by the power of artificial neural networks (that mimic the human mind) to understand a young child's sleeping and feeding patterns and am convinced that in the future intelligent machines will increasingly assist us in the quest for better health. The app essentially feeds a baby's regular routine back to you and gives you confidence that they really are tired or hungry when you think they should be. I am committed to continually improving the app and to using the data gathered to improve our medical knowledge of children in their earliest growth phases. I offer it to all the other busy parents and caretakers out there who are committed to the task of raising the next generation. Close...

Nathan at 7 months old


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Full feature list

  • Comprehensive logging of sleep, feeds, diaper changes, poop, and general text notes
  • Breastfeeding and sleep timers
  • Baby's complete history stored securely in our cloud
  • See and update your baby's history on one simple chart
  • Prediction of next sleep time, feed time and diaper change time
  • Prediction of whether next feed would usually be milk or solids in their regular routine (once baby is on solids)
  • Simple dashboard that shows you your baby's status at a glance
  • Constipation warning when poops fall outside usual patterns
  • Accessible from any number of synchronised mobile and desktop devices.
  • Runs on iPhone, iPad, Android and any browser.
  • Compare baby's total sleep and milk intake to medically safe averages.
  • See average number of diapers used per day as well as poops per day.